Cancer Action Victoria is a state-based advocacy organisation with a strong membership base and elected committee'

Our Objectives:
Provides a forum for Victorians touched by cancer, regardless of their geographical location, stage of disease, age,
culture and economic status
Promote and contribute to research into the causes, prevention, optimal treatments and supportive care of cancer
and survivorship from cancer
Minimise the impact of cancer by advocating for change to enhance the quality of life for all affected by cancer.
Promote a balanced public awareness of cancer and the effects of cancer and treatments.

How we achieve our objectives:

  • By defining issues that are important to those affected by cancer.
  • By encouraging those touched by cancer to contribute at all levels of decision making.
  • By working towards ensuring access to the highest quality treatment and care.
  • By working to improve the availability of information for those affected
  • By influencing the direction of cancer support
  • By advocating for transparency of information about support services
  • By working for continuous improvement in the delivery of cancer services.

CAV Partnerships

CAV are represented on Advisory Boards and Steering Committees of research organisations, and provide help in assessing grant applications for research projects.

Policy Influence. We have representation on Survivorship and Supportive Care Communities of practice where policies are reviewed and refreshed. Also have representation on Steering Committee for development of the Optimal Care Pathways.

Connection Hub

Our members partner with other Cancer related Non Government Organisations by sharing our members cancer experiences in various cancer related projects in order to achieve optimal outcomes for all cancer patients.

Areas of Service

CONSUMER Advocacy for Rural and Regional Cancer consumers

CAV has conducted two “Empowering Rural & Regional Consumers Projects”

The first in 2015 where we trained consumers with special needs in five Victorian Rural and Regional areas. In 2018 we were funded by DHHS to revisit the project and gave Consumer Training in Warrnambool, Castlemaine, Traralgon, Ballarat and Wangarrata In 2019 we are planning Metropolitan training in Melbourne.


Development Of Optimal Care Pathways

Cav has been actively involved with the development of the Optimal Care Pathways.(OCPs)These are pathways for specific tumour types from preventiom and early diagnosis to referral and treatment to end of life stage. We were privilged to be involved as a consumer voice throughput their development, both at Steering Committee level as well as reviewing dand consultation as documents were developed. This has ensured that all people diagnosed with cancer receive the best care regardless of where they live or are treated

Cancer Action Victoria History

In 1994, the Breast Cancer Action Group established a volunteer, survivor-led cancer consumer advocacy in Australia.

In 2000, Cancer Voices Victoria began to advocate for those affected by all types of cancer.

In 2012, Cancer Voices Victoria had a name change and we became Cancer Action Victoria. The word ‘action’ was chosen as it is central to our purpose in advocating for all Victorians affected by cancer.


Cancer Action Victoria Inc is a not-for-profit community organisation whose membership is entirely voluntary. The management committee is elected by CAV members at each annual general meeting. Members of CAV are cancer survivors, patients, carers, medical providers, and other interested persons.

At the Annual General Meeting held 6th of November 2021, the following members for 2021-2022 were elected as:

President | Jim Cormack
Vice President | Marilyn Dolling
Secretary | Sandra Anderson
Treasurer | Natalia Dewiyani

General Committee
Gayle Newbury
Denise Horsey
Marie Craw



Within Victoria, there are nine Integrated Cancer Services.

Find out more about Victorian Integrated Cancer Service (ICS) initiatives by visiting Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS) 

Cabrini Hospital   https://www.cabrini.com.au/
Cancer Council Victoria   https://www.cancervic.org.au/
Cancer Survivorship Centre of Peter MacCallum, CCV   https://www.petermac.org/services/support.../australian-cancer-survivorship-centre
Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria  https://dhhs.vic.gov.au/
Health Victoria   www.health.vic.gov.au/healthvictoria/
Indigenous Health Consultant Cancer Screening Warnambool   https://www.cancervic.org.au/about/aboriginal-communities
Palliative Care Consumers - Barwon Health  https://www.barwonhealth.org.au/palliative-care
University of Melbourne  https://services.unimelb.edu.au/health
WEHI  - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research   https://www.wehi.edu.au/
Western Victoria Primary Health Network   https://westvicphn.com.au/
VCCC - Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre alliance.  https://www.viccompcancerctr.org/about-the-vccc/the-alliance/
Safer Care Victoria https://www.dhha.vic.gov.au
MPCCC Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium www.monashpartnersccc.orga
PHN PRIMARY HEALTH NETWORKS. www.health.gov.au/main/phn-maps/vic
VPHN Victorian Primary Health Networks Alliance https://vphn.org.auaa