Are You Affected by Cancer?

Cancer Action Victoria works with all affected by cancer and engages with Health Professions involved in their care.

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A Cancer Diagnosis Is The
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Welcome to Cancer Action Victoria

CAV works with all those people who are diagnosed with cancer, as well as with their family, friends, and the Health Professions involved with their cancer from diagnosis to treatment to the new lease of life after the ‘All Clear” is given. Whilst CAV acts as a resource for all those affected by cancer, CAVs main focus is to actively assist and improve all patient care, particularly the post-cancer life treatment - through membership to CAV.


CAV Membership benefits

Membership is free for anyone who is affected by cancer, either as a cancer patient, survivor, family member, carer, medical provider or an interested person.

  1.   Having a voice at Australian State and Federal health policy level
  2.   Wide-ranging support for post cancer issues
  3.   Receiving updates of latest medical advances and the opportunity for face-to-face meetings

Be an Advocate

CAV training aims is to ensure the voice of the people living with cancer is heard in policies and programs for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survival and research of cancer. It is offered to all affected by cancer. Health professionals and other interested parties are welcome to join in the training.


The Gift of Health

Your donation, gift or bequest is very important to us as it will enable us to conduct more consumer advocacy training. In turn, this will produce more people who can speak up in their local communities and raise awareness of cancer issues. Gifts may also enable us to give Philanthropic support to people affected by cancer in the form of Scholarships or supporting exceptional needs.

CAV contributes a voice to cancer research, prevention, optimal care, survivorship and supportive care. As the number of cancer diagnosis increase, there is much more work to be done to improve the quality of life that cancer survivors experience.


For Healthcare Professionals

Whilst you are expert in your part of the patient’s cancer journey, for your patients there is so much more that happens before, during and after cancer treatments. CAV is here to offer both education and support for cancer healthcare providers who want the best outcome for their patients.

Our supportive Advocacy Training deals with:

  • Understanding after treatment patient needs in the “real world”
  • Weighing the benefit of treatment vs new lifestyle circumstances
  • Improved communications for all patients


Being an advocate is working and speaking on behalf of other people. By being involved with Cancer Action Victoria you can be a more effective voice for people affected by cancer.

Family affected by cancer

As your loved one faces their life challenge process, you also need support and resources that assist

People with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is just the beginning. You need to know what happens to your body and how to handle that emotionally

Cancer Care Organisations

Getting in touch with the right organisation for your situation is the fastest way to ensure a less stressful journey